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    Zidni Academy

    Zidni is a cutting-edge platform designed to support medical professionals' continuous professional development (CPD) needs. The platform was created for the CPD unit of the Arab Board of Health Specialisations and offers a range of training courses for graduate doctors, board students, and other doctors in Arab countries and beyond. With Zidni, medical professionals can access a comprehensive library of courses covering various topics relevant to their practice. These courses are designed to be engaging, informative, and flexible. Zidni's mission is to provide medical professionals with the tools and resources to enhance their knowledge, improve their skills, and ultimately deliver better patient care.

    Zidni aims to bridge the gap between traditional medical education and the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape by providing relevant and up-to-date training that meets the evolving needs of medical professionals. The platform offers a wide variety of courses, including clinical and non-clinical topics, covering areas such as diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, pharmacology, ethics, communication skills, leadership, and more. These courses are taught by experienced medical professionals and subject matter experts and are designed to be engaging and interactive.


    Jordan, Saudi Arab

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    Zidni Med faced challenges in online education. With various universities offering diverse courses, a tailored portal to accommodate these courses is needed. Additionally, streaming uploaded course videos posed a challenge similar to YouTube live streams. This required a seamless integration to ensure a smooth learning experience for users.


    iWebwiser addressed Zidni Academy's challenges by delivering a comprehensive solution using WEB RTC Technology. We developed a customized portal tailored to their needs, allowing seamless course access. Integration of WEB RTC live streaming capabilities ensured smooth playback of course videos. This met the client's requirements and enhanced the user experience, providing a dynamic learning platform.


    Business Impact:

    Increased user engagement and retention contribute to Zidni Med's growth and reputation as a leading online education platform.

    User Impact:

    Users benefit from a more interactive and dynamic learning experience, leading to better comprehension and skill acquisition. and Here is the list of features in Zidni. Students can also explore these features.

    • Multiple Universities under one roof.

    • Diploma courses and certificate courses with credit hours.

    • Course review system by E-learning system reviewers before publishing any course.

    • Event management system with multiple programs for each event.

    • Live Lectures, Scheduled Lectures, Conferences.

    • Chat system for group chat and one-to-one chat with document sharing and support system with chat module.


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