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    Support Services

    Hosting Service

    iWebwiser offer comprehensive hosting support services to ensure your
    website or application runs smoothly, faster and seamlessly.

    Fully Managed Hosting Services

    Your hosting infrastructure and servers are the central element of any plan for technology and essential to your business. If you choose iWebwiser as your hosting service provider, you can access the built-in capacity, allowing you to build the required infrastructure when needed. It is possible to leave it to us to discuss important decisions and take action while you focus on your primary business. Our web hosting services are designed to provide the highest speed, unparalleled security, and 24/7 fast and reliable assistance. The fact that we have every aspect of your digital needs managed in one place means we can provide an easy and hassle-free hosting service, all while alleviating the stress of dealing with multiple third-party vendors. Standardizing your processes and servers can lower expenses, allow for expansion, and allow you to operate more efficiently. With our experience and knowledge of various technologies, we can serve clients from various industries. To achieve your goals and grow your business, contact us today.

    Server Support Services

    Outsourcing your infrastructure services is the
    most cost-effective method of ensuring everything runs smoothly.

    Backup and Restore

    As businesses accumulate large amounts of data every day, backing up data and restoring critical business applications has become extremely important. Your company relies heavily on data. Data backup and restoration become ineffective if they can't be recovered quickly and successfully, which makes having the capability of recovering deleted files and data essential.

    iWebwiser provides fast, simple and reliable data backup and restore services for a wide range of enterprise infrastructures, ensuring robust, scalable and carefully maintained data backups by offering archive & recovery solutions designed to meet your individual needs, reducing downtime, increasing flexibility, manageability and scaling capabilities.

    Emergency Support

    Unexpected IT issues can create a traumatic impact on your company. We provide emergency IT support services to help you get your systems back up and running as fast as possible without causing any interruption to your company. Our trained and experienced IT technicians are available to respond to emergencies 24/7.

    Our emergency IT support services include, but are not limited to:

    • Server and network failure

    • Security breach

    • Emergency data recovery

    • Other critical system failure issues

    Network Troubleshooting Services

    We have vast knowledge in providing support in solving problems with Networking, Server, and Storage solutions. Our highly skilled system engineers know the essential components required to deliver critical business services.

    We can handle all support and troubleshooting internally and offer support throughout the process. Problems with your network can also be solved via remote access. We will assist you via phone, email, web sessions, or any other way to solve any issues.

    Digital Fulfilment

    A Strategy for Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation Includes Digital Fulfillment.

    Managed Delivery

    Finding the ideal blend of the best resources can be a monumental task. Therefore, you should entrust your projects to a service provider who will work together with you to ensure that your Team can attain both technical and business objectives that can stay with you for the time needed. We will oversee your technical assets and provide services to assist you in realizing your desired business goals with increased accountability and better coordination between your business's core and your IT & Development functions.


    Dedicated Team

    When you work with the dedicated team at iWebwiser, you get a team of professionals and experts specifically selected for archiving your business goals. The iwebwiser team can be based on the shore near your office or from our brand new Development Centre. Our dedicated team is designed to meet your specific technical and business requirements. Each offshore group is assigned a particular space in our brand-new offices, and we recommend that clients come to our Development Centre as often as possible to strengthen the relationship even more.

    You can use the facility for your virtual office or as an offshore location. We are always looking to integrate teams into their client's corporate culture and be the most effective remote "employees" they can be.

    Global Presence

    iwebwiser is an established company in India. They have gained the trust of their clients across the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Our team has worked with clients from different industries, looking for a way to work with IT professionals who can give them an edge in the competition. With offices on five continents and superior response speed, we'll be there.

    We are proud to be able to provide localized support and assistance, providing customized solutions that satisfy the specific needs of our international customers. You can trust iWebWiser to become your global IT partner, providing top-quality solutions and support that cross the boundaries of geography and propel your company to international success.


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