Project Description

With excellent distance learning online courses and revision, Ishango College will enable you to take charge of your future.

Everyone wishes to boost their earning capacity. The greatest way to accomplish this is to study and expand your knowledge and abilities. Most people, however, cannot afford to quit working and pursue extra education. Ishango CollegeTM has fixed this issue.

The Ishango Bone, which some experts say is the oldest mathematical instrument in existence and was discovered in the highlands of Central Equatorial Africa in 1960, inspired the name of our college.

Several scientists and mathematical historians have named it:

The Ishango bone is an Upper Paleolithic epoch bone tool that is approximately 25 000 years old. It’s a dark brown bone length (about 10 cm long), the fibula of a baboon, with a sharp bit of quartz fastened to one end, maybe for carving.

The bone was discovered in layers of volcanic ash on the shores of Lake Edward in the DRC’s Ishango area, near the border with Uganda, by Belgian geologist Jean de Heinzelin de Braucourt.

The Ishango bone is presently housed at Belgium’s Royal Institute for Natural Sciences in Brussels.

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