Project Description

The Halaal Hub is a market disrupter within the food, consumables, and brown goods delivery space,

The Halaal Hub enables your business to no longer having to pay a percentage of the order to the industry aggregator for order fulfillment, allowing you as the business owner to retain greater profits/margins. The only cost your business absorbs is a simple, small, monthly software license fee and a nominal fee per delivery allowing you to retain all your profits

Version 2 of Halaal Hub will include:

  1. POS
  2. Driver App
  3. Customer APP
  4. Kitchen APP
  5. Multiple Businesses for Single Business Owner
  6. Single Centralized Server for all Business
  7. Multiple Kind of Delivery Businesses

Project Details

    Client: South Africa, UK

    Availability: iOS, Android, Web-based Portal

    Technology : RectNative, ReactJS, Node JS,Laravel

    Languages:  English