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    Designing Delivery-oriented products, Green Central works across several Industries.

    Delivery system

    Green Central

    Green Central is the South African market disruptor in the food, consumables, and brown goods delivery space, where your business no longer has to pay a percentage of the order to the aggregator to fulfill your delivery. Instead, you pay a monthly license fee and a nominal fee per delivery to keep all the revenue! On average, this will save your business up to 150k rand per month! You no longer need to compete with other companies for the same.

    Consumer spending directly to your Order-Delivery app to receive the order, take payment, and fulfill for a fraction of what you currently pay! Yes, that is correct. Green Central empowers your business to achieve your orders with no layaways! Let us tell you how Green Central is a revolutionary first-breed Order/Delivery Tech tailored to your product and brand. We offer a fully white-label customized solution ready for implementation within 3-7 working days! Green Central allows your business to build a one-on-one relationship.

    With your customers, enhance the user experience and make personal touch a part of your business as you evolve into a larger-than-life personality.


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    Customer App

    iOS or Android App, allowing your customer to view your menu and products, order in real time and have the items delivered or collect their order at store level

    Driver App

    Fully interactive app to advise your pool of drivers an order has been placed and to locate the store and route to customer through GPS quickest route

    Store App

    IOS or Android App, providing your store with new/pending orders, being prepared, completed and driver collected orders or in-store collection

    Product & Menus

    An easy to use back office system, allowing you to manage your business and products available for sale. In just a few clicks on the web-based system


    Deliver Now faced challenges in accurately tracking drivers within their delivery system. Despite the system's ability to facilitate deliveries and track recipients, precise tracking of drivers remained a significant issue. This hindered the overall efficiency and reliability of the delivery process.


    iWebwiser resolved Deliver Now's tracking problem by implementing GPS technology. The integration of GPS enabled continuous updates of the driver's location in real-time through API requests sent every 50 meters. This significantly improved tracking accuracy, enhancing visibility and efficiency for both delivery personnel and recipients.


    Business Impact:

    Enhanced delivery reliability boosts customer loyalty and trust, leading to increased repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

    User Impact:

    Users experience greater satisfaction and confidence in their deliveries, leading to improved overall customer experience. and here is the list of features in Deliver Now. Users can also explore these features.

    • Single centralised server for all business.

    • Multiple kinds of delivery business.

    • Wallet management.

    • Pickup and courier delivery service.

    • Store Membership subscriptions.


    Technology stack


    System phases

    Phase -1

    • User Signup

    • User Login

    • Forgot Password

    • User Account/Profile Building and

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    • Account Settings/Preference

    • News Feed

    • Chat

    • Push Notifications

    • Email Templates

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    • Notifications related to modules

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    Phase -2

    • Events

    • Push Notifications

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    Phase -3

    • Job Portal

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    Phase -4

    • MarketPlace

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