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    F&F - Floor & Furnishings

    F&F is a home furnishing brand with a vision of giving each home its identity. Our philosophy is to help homeowners reflect their personalities through the home interiors. Every product under our brand name sets a benchmark in quality and seamlessly creates an aura you will fall in love with. With thousands of options in our inventory, we strive to keep only exceptionally aesthetic and superior-quality products. As a result, the designs you find at F&F are unique, and with just one glance, you can say they truly belong to your home. iWebwiser helps hundreds of businesses grow in this competitive market. F&F is an exclusive yet elaborate collection of upholstery, bed linen, rugs, decor accessories, furniture, and much more.



    Platform Users


    IC Tablet App

    Help customer to select there curtains or other things

    Measure Tablet App

    to get measurements of curtains or other things

    QC Tablet App

    to check the quality of the products

    Driver and Installer Mobile APP

    to delivery and installation of product.


    F&F faced workforce and inventory management challenges due to a lack of precise data on employee activities and warehouse inventory. Understanding employee roles and levels posed further complications, impacting task allocation and progress monitoring.


    iWebwiser devised a bespoke CMS solution for F&F, empowering efficient operations management. The solution provided insights into employee activities, facilitating task allocation and monitoring. Clarity on employee roles fostered transparency and accountability. Accurate inventory tracking enabled optimized inventory management processes, enhancing overall efficiency and organizational performance.


    Business Impact:

    Improved operations management leads to better resource utilization and cost control, driving profitability and competitiveness for F&F.

    User Impact:

    Users benefit from a more transparent and efficient shopping experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. and here is the list of features in F&F. Users can also explore these features.

    • Feature category search system.

    • Online cart and wishlist section.

    • List of Collection of Products like wall covers, bed linen, etc.

    • Description of products like type of fabric, fabric, size, thread counts, etc

    • User-friendly website design.


    Technology stack


    System phases

    Phase -1

    • User Signup

    • User Login

    • Forgot Password

    • User Account/Profile Building and

    • Editing

    • Fellow/Unfollow

    • Follow/Unfollow

    • Account Settings/Preference

    • News Feed

    • Chat

    • Push Notifications

    • Email Templates

    • Business Pages

    • Groups

    • Notifications related to modules

    • Email templates related to modules

    Phase -2

    • Events

    • Push Notifications

    • Email Notifications

    Phase -3

    • Job Portal

    • Notifications related to

    • modules

    • Email templates related to

    • modules

    Phase -4

    • MarketPlace

    • Notifications related to

    • modules

    • Email templates related to

    • modules

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