Project Description

  1. DeliverNow is a South African market disruptor in the food, consumables, and brown goods delivery area, where your company no longer has to pay an aggregator a portion of the order to fulfil your delivery. Instead, you pay a monthly licence fee and a little price every delivery, allowing you to keep 100% of the earnings! This will save your company up to 150k rand per month on average!

    You are no longer need to compete with other businesses for the same customers.

    consumer expenditure, Straight to your Order-Delivery app to receive the order, accept payment, and fulfil the transaction at a fraction of the price you are presently spending! That is right. DeliverNow enables your company to deliver orders with no payaways! Let us explain how

    DeliverNow is a groundbreaking first-generation Order/Delivery Technology.

    matched to your product and brand. We provide a completely tailored white-label solution that is available for installation in 3-7 working days!

    DeliverNow enables your company to develop one-on-one relationships with customers.

    as you continue to develop as a larger-than-life personality, with your consumers and improve the User experience, personal touch element of your business.

    DeliverNow version 2 will offer the following features:


  2. Driver App
  3. Customer APP
  4. Kitchen APP
  5. Multiple Businesses for Single Business Owner
  6. Single Centralized Server for all Business
  7. Multiple Kind of Delivery Businesses

Project Details

    Client: South Africa

    Availability: iOS, Android, Web-based Portal

    Technology : RectNative, ReactJS, Node JS,Laravel

    Languages:  English